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What is the Most Popular Vehicle Color Worldwide?

Worldwide 2018 Rankings of Vehicle Color Popularity

What is your favorite car color? Sure, there are many variations and shades, but we’re talking about the standard options. Do you like your car tinted red, blue, black, white, yellow, silver, green, or perhaps another color? Every driver has a preference in car color when shopping for a vehicle, but have you ever wondered which color are the most popular around the globe? Here are the most popular car colors worldwide!

Worldwide Car Color Popularity for 2018

Each year, statistics can change slightly. Now, we have the most recent rankings of worldwide color popularity that were published on November 14, 2018. They are as follows:

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While these numbers are helpful to determine trends there’s one thing to keep in mind. A lot of these numbers are dependent on the color options available with models sold at different parts of the world. If certain color options aren’t available at certain places, they can’t be purchased and therefore can’t become popular.

Additionally, these rankings do change from year to year. In comparison to the 2017 rankings, the color white has increased popularity by 2% and the colors silver and natural have decreased in popularity by 1% each.

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