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What Should You Do After Buying a Used Car?

Steps to Take After Buying a Used Car

Have you recently purchased a pre-owned vehicle? If so, do you know what next steps to take? If not, then you have come to the right place! There are a few key items that you will need to address after you have completed your purchase of a pre-owned vehicle. If you bought your new-to-you vehicle from a dealership, they may or may not have taken care of some of these issues already. If not, then the staff at AutoMax Truck and Car Center is here to help you find the necessary information that you need! Let’s explore the next steps you should take together!


One of the most important steps you should take after purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is to have the vehicle registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is illegal to drive a vehicle that has not been properly registered with the DMV. This should be the first stop you make after your purchase if the registration process was not taken care of at a dealership. When you visit the DMV for vehicle registration, make sure you have multiple valid forms of identification, proof of address, and the means to pay for the registration, which can cost several hundred dollars.


The next step you need to take care of after your vehicle purchase is to have your vehicle insured. In most states, driving without insurance is also illegal, especially if you financed the purchase. More than likely, if you have already gone through the process of purchasing a vehicle, you have at least looked into insurance companies or already have coverage from a previous vehicle. Make sure you can find an insurance arrangement that provides necessary protection an is affordable with your financial situation.

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The last step you should take after purchasing a vehicle is to find a reputable mechanic who has the knowledge to maintain the specific model you have purchased. If you purchased an imported vehicle you may need to do some searching to find a mechanic who is knowledgeable in the vehicle’s mechanical system. Maintenance may be the final step, but it is still just as important as the others!

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