2020 Dodge Journey blue driving through snow with trees in background

What kind of car is the Dodge Journey?

The Dodge Journey is a midsize SUV technically, but then again, so is the Dodge Durango. Since both are Dodge vehicles, it wouldn’t make sense for both to be the exact same size. Fortunately, they are not. They are both in the midsize category, but the Dodge Journey is a little smaller than the Durango. The biggest difference then is that the Journey is more of a crossover-style SUV while the Durango focuses on internal space for its 5-7 seats. To compare, the Journey, although smaller, has 7 seats standard. Read on to learn more about the Dodge Journey 

Dodge Journey Beginnings 

The Dodge Journey first went into production in 2008 to release as part of the 2009 model year, making the model name just a little more than ten years old already. The Dodge Avenger family sedan, which ended production back in 2014 is a sort of prototype to the Journey, as they both share almost the same length and width. Obviously, the Journey is taller, has a full back door instead of a trunk, and a bigger wheelbase as an SUV. 

2020 Dodge Journey interior shot through driver side window
2020 Dodge Journey interior close up on instrument cluster seen through steering wheel

Dodge Journey First Generation and Legacy 

The Journey is still in its first generation, having only undergone occasional updates and refreshes every few years. For most of its history, it has had an available V6 engine (although that would be dropped by the 2020 model year) and lots of praise for its family-friendly size. Later model years were more dedicated to a third row than earlier ones. Still, throughout each year, the vehicle was characterized by its low price, versatility, and suitability as a family vehicle. 

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Dodge Journey Future 

With the future of many car brands uncertain, it’s hard to say for sure how much longer the Dodge Journey will continue. New model years for the model have usually been announced in September of the year before, so by September 2020, we should know if Dodge will release a 2021 Journey or not. The SUV still has a lot going for it as an affordable entry into the midsize SUV class, and if it continues to offer three rows of seats standard like the 2020 model year, we will likely see the Journey return for years to come.