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What Car Companies Does Ford Own?

One of the oldest car companies in the world is the Ford Motor Company. Everything down to its logo is iconic and part of American history and identity. From the early days of the first publicly affordable cars to the most dominant name in pickup trucks for decades, Ford is a major part of the automotive world that can’t be forgotten. Read on to learn about what other companies are or were part of Ford Motor Company. 

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Is Lincoln Part of Ford Motor Company? 

Lincoln is a brand of automobile that focuses on luxury and refinement. Lincoln has had its own effect on the automotive world separate from the rest of the Ford family. It may no longer be available, but the Lincoln Towncar was a signature of luxury sedans. The MKZ is a popular luxury SUV today and it carries on the dignified legacy of Lincoln. 

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Was Mercury Part of the Ford Motor Company? 

Back in 2011, the Mercury brand shuttered and only a few remain on the road now. Mercury wasn’t the only car brand to get cut during the economic shake-ups around that time, but the brand’s legacy is well remembered by many motorists almost ten years later.  

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Are There Any Other Car Companies Owned by Ford? 

The list stops there. Ford is sticking to what it does best for the time being, but we may see the company do something like how Hyundai spun the Genesis model off into an entirely separate brand. Until that happens, the automobile division of Ford is clearly defined and standing strong, even with bigger conglomerates crowding the market. So, if you’re interested in buying a car from Ford or Lincoln, know that it was made with care and with the legacy of one of the oldest automakers behind it.