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Researching Cars Online During Social Distancing

Even when there’s a virus outbreak and our showroom closes, you still have access to our website. We at Automax Truck and Car Center are dedicated to providing the best service we can during times of social distancing, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders. Since our website is accessible at any time of day, any day of the week, you are free to visit us through the site and continue shopping and researching. 

Vehicle Research Online 

You may have already made it past the initial stages of vehicle researching if you’ve made it to this site. You probably went straight to the source and researched online at the automaker sites or seen advertisements while web browsing or using social media. When you start taking the research into your own hands, there are more ways to learn more about your next car than you can count. 

Automax Truck And Car Center COVID-19 Response

Research Through Videos 

There are millions of videos online about cars. Whether they are commercials, reviews, vlogs, or even virtual test drives, you have access to more than you could ever watch in a lifetime that’s just about cars. Since not all of that is useful to you, get specific with vehicle research pages. 

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Research on the Automax Truck and Car Center Website 

We already have dozens of research pages available to you. If you’re looking to buy a used model of vehicle, we have a long list of research pages ready for your perusal under the “research tab in our site’s top banner. You can find information about the following: 

    • Used Buick Models
    • Used Cadillac Models
    • Used Chevrolet Models
      • Used Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    • Used Chrysler Models
    • Used Dodge Models
    • Used Ford Models
      • Used Ford F-150
      • Used Ford F-150 Generations
      • Used Ford Explorer
      • Used Ford Super Duty Models
    • Used GMC Models
      • Used GMC Sierra 1500
    • Used Honda Models
  • Used Hyundai Models
  • Used Jeep Models
  • Used Kia Models
  • Used Mazda Models
  • Used Mitsubishi Models
  • Used Nissan Models
  • Used RAM Models
    • Used RAM 1500 Classic
    • Used RAM 1500
    • Used RAM 1500 vs Used Toyota Tundra
  • Used Subaru Models
  • Used Toyota Models
  • Used Volkswagen Models

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If you need more help, use the chat and text function in the bottom right of any of our site’s web pages. Select the “Text Us” button to text a member of our staff or select “Let’s Chat” to chat with a representative online. We hope to reopen April 11th, 2020, so check our site regularly to see if we have opened our showroom after that date!