2020 Ram 1500 dark red paint driving on country road toward shot at sunset showing front bumper and driver side doors

Photo Gallery: Inside the 2020 Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn and Limited

The recent rise of interest in RAM trucks is due in no small part to RAM making great high-quality interiors for higher trim levels of the RAM 1500. Two of these trims are the Laramie Longhorn trim and the Limited Trim.

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Each of these touts different ideas of luxury, with the Laramie Longhorn using branded leather and natural wood and southwestern aesthetics for a specific brand of comfort. The Limited brings technology and exclusivity to the fore, using stamped leather and metallic accents for an unparalleled level of luxury. Check out each one below.

2020 RAM 1500 interior contrast leather for limited interior
2020 RAM 1500 interior close up of limited stitched center console leather
2020 RAM 1500 interior limited center console and bottom of dashboard in divider
2020 RAM 1500 close up of Laramie Longhorn Interior Features
2020 RAM 1500 Limited interior showing front cabin from passenger window
2020 RAM 1500 Limited Interior side view with view outside sunny
2020 RAM 1500 interior dashboard of limited trim and large vertical touchscreen