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How to Celebrate Halloween During the Pandemic

Celebrating Halloween this year might be more difficult this year than it has been in many years. Nearing the end of the year 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage on, and more in some areas than others. For that reason, trick-or-treating is being canceled in a lot of places, and many are looking for ways to celebrate the holiday away from groups of people where the virus may be spread. Continue reading for some advice on how to celebrate Halloween safely during the pandemic.

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How to Make a Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Trick-or-treating is off the table for most children in the United States, so a great alternative if you have kids, is to set up a scavenger hunt for them. Depending on the ages of your children, you could hold a Halloween-themed version of an Easter egg hunt and hide treats that way instead of taking children door-to-door. Alternatively, you could hold a more traditional scavenger hunt, where you use riddles as clues to where Halloween treats are hidden either inside your house or in your yard.

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How to Hold an Online Halloween Costume Contest

Having Halloween without trick-or-treating does not mean you can’t still have fun designing and showing off your Halloween costume. 2020 has created a renewed need for video conferencing technology like Zoom and Skype. Invite some friends and Family to participate in a Halloween Costume Contest and meet over video. You can even do things like set up lighting and stage your entrance when you present your costume.

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How to Decorate for Halloween When There Won’t be Trick-or-Treaters

Your Halloween decorations might be enjoyed more during the pandemic than other years. Some people will go on drives to take pictures of and see the best Halloween decorations in their neighborhood instead of visiting door-to-door. To optimize your decorations for curbside enjoyment, you should remember the importance of lighting. Have a few lights at a few different angles to cast shadows and illuminate your decorations, or they will get lost in the autumn darkness. Make sure all text is printed extra large so people can read it from further away. Carve up a lot of pumpkins and light them safely this and every Halloween!