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Homemade Halloween Treat Ideas

If you’re enjoying your Halloween from home because of the pandemic, why not make a few treats of your own? You may love store-bought candy bars, but you can make some treats yourself too. Continue reading for some ideas on how to make delicious Halloween treats from home.

Halloween Sugar Cookies

If the only cookie cutters you have in your home are for Christmas or other winter holidays, why not expand your collection to include bat, pumpkin, and skull shapes? Decorate with orange, black, purple, green, and yellow frosting and candies for Halloween-themed sugar cookies.

halloween sugar cookies bats pumpkins and ghosts
close up of candy corn and candy pumpkin

Mummy Peanut Butter Balls

If you already know how to make peanut butter balls, it isn’t too hard to turn them into these Halloween variations. Instead of covering them with chocolate, cover them with white chocolate instead, drizzle some more white chocolate on the outsides for a mummy-wrap effect, and dot them with a pair of red icing eyes.

How to Celebrate Halloween During the Pandemic

Spooky Crispy Rice Treats

This is another example of taking a classic and changing it for Halloween, but if you make crispy rice treats, you can mold them into shapes before the melted marshmallow cools off. Form some into the shapes of little spider bodies and get some licorice or licorice rope and use it to make spider legs. Go for extra detail and make little licorice fangs and eyes. You might need to make some frosting to act as edible glue to stick the limbs on if it gets too cool.