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vehicle driving through snow

Winter vehicle accessories to get you through the season

What are some good driving accessories to get for winter? 

Whether you reside in the frozen tundra or the high desert, the winter season can complicate travel and vehicle care. You should always be prepared for accidents or breakdowns, but planning ahead is especially important during the winter when climates shift dramatically. Check out our list of essentials for ideas on some good driving accessories to get for winter.  Read the rest of this entry >>

think pink car tag in a car

AutoMax Truck and Car Center Announces Its Think Pink Sale in October 2019

How can I support the local Cathy Lincoln Memorial Fund? 

AutoMax Truck and Car Center wants its customers to Think Pink by purchasing a used vehicle in the month of October. This month, $100 of proceeds from each used vehicle sold will be donated from the dealership to the local Cathy Lincoln Memorial Fund, a fund supported through the San Juan Medical Foundation.  

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Farmers’ Markets near Farmington, NM

Where can I find farmers’ markets near Farmington, NM?

It’s that time of year again: time to shop locally and eat fresh local produce. We have plenty of great farmers’ markets near Farmington, NM, like the four that we have featured below. Between the four of them, they give you four days a week that you can find an open farmers’ market in the area. Stop in at AutoMax Truck and Car Center next time you go shopping and find your next used truck or car. Scroll down to learn more about the farmers’ markets near Farmington, NM.

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a close up of a Christmas decorated wreath with ornaments and berries

2018 Christmas and Winter Events and Activities in Farmington, NM

The holiday season is upon us with Thanksgiving passed. Now, we have the month of December for Christmas and other winter holidays. Besides shopping and Christmas songs on the radio, what else can you do to get into the winter spirit and have some fun? Check out these December 2018 Christmas and winter holiday events taking place in Farmington, New Mexico.

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a table packed with a Thanksgiving dinner feats with roast turkey, chicken, potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, and more

Open Restaurants and Buffets for Thanksgiving 2018 in Farmington, NM

You don’t need to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner to have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal. Why take so much time and effort shopping, scheduling, cooking, and cleaning when you plan a giant Thanksgiving meal? Instead, visit a restaurant near you and enjoy a special Thanksgiving feast or buffet that will satisfy the entire family!

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the blured red light of taillights of a car driving in the dark and through rain seen from the inside of another vehicle by the driver

How to Drive Safe when Facing Bad Weather and Poor Visibility

Poor Weather Conditions and Night Driving Safety Tips

Perfect driving conditions are easy to imagine. Those would be a well lit day without glare from the sun, middle temperatures not too hot or cold, and mild weather without rain, snow, or too much wind. However, many drivers rarely get to choose their driving conditions. That being said, it’s still important to stay safe. Therefore, we’d like to introduce our audience to tips concerning driving at night and during poor weather conditions.

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a close up rear shot of a car's back tire tread packed with snow and driving through heavy snowfall

What are the Best Winter Weather Driving Features?

Winter Weather Driving Features for the Cold, Ice, and Snow

It might seem early, but snow has already hit many states in America. Before winter hits us with stronger storms, make sure you’re prepared to tackle the snow and ice on the road. So, whether you’re looking to buy a new vehicle for winter, or want to upgrade your current car, keep these convenience features and technology in mind. These are the best vehicle features for winter driving.

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automax think pink 2018 breast cancer awareness sales event staff and dealership location picture collage

Automax ‘Think Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness Sales

October Automax Proceeds Benefit the Cathy Lincoln Cancer Fund

October is breast cancer awareness month. Here at Automax Truck and Car center, we take pride in being a part of our community and contributing towards helpful causes. That’s why, here at the Automax dealership, we’ll be participating in our annual ‘Think Pink’ campaign. As with previous years of October, the ‘Think Pink’ event means that $100 of every car sold during the month of October 2018 will be donated towards breast cancer awareness research.

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a bucket full of halloween styled treats and candy with a winking plastic pumpkin in the background

Halloween 2018 Activities, Events, and Parties in Farmington, NM

Make sure to enjoy fall while it lasts! Before we enter into the winter season with all of its trappings and traditions, enjoy the time of Halloween with festivities in your area. For residents of Farmington, New Mexico, and the greater San Juan County, we encourage you to check out any one of these Halloween 2018 activities, events, and parties near you!

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