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front view of a honda clarity

What sedans are buyers most satisfied with?

Top eight mainstream vehicles according to drivers

Last month, AutoPacific announced the 2019 Vehicle Satisfaction Award (VSA) winners, which includes makes and models that you can find here at AutoMax Truck and Car Center. These vehicles were chosen based on surveys, which ask customers about their satisfaction with 32 vehicle attributes. Basically, these are cars chosen by the people who drive them. Check out our inventory to see which vehicles we currently have and take a test drive.

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blue toyota prius side view

What Pre-Owned Hybrid Vehicle Should I Get?

Top Three Used Hybrid Vehicles

So, you’re on the market for a pre-owned hybrid vehicle. Hybrid vehicles are those that have both electric motors and engines to create power, which means they do not only rely on fossil fuels. They aim to improve the environment and possibly save you some money. Hybrid vehicles may seem fairly new, but they are old enough to frequently be on the pre-owned market. You can check out our inventory of pre-owned hybrid vehicles here.

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blue hyundai kona on a road

Is Hyundai one of the safest vehicle brands?

Hyundai vehicle safety ratings 

Is Hyundai one of the safest vehicle brands? We try to keep an unbiased stance here at AutoMax Truck and Car Center, but we can say that Hyundai clocks in with eleven Top Safety Pick vehicles this year, which makes it the brand with the most Top Safety Pick awarded vehicles. Some of the Hyundai Top Safety Pick vehicles even got a Top Safety Pick + rating, which is a step above a Top Safety Pick. Keep reading to learn more about Hyundai vehicle safety ratings. 

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Exterior view of a gray 2017 Honda Pilot with "Most Reliable Automotive Brands" in black text against a blue background to the left of vehicle

What are the Most Reliable Automotive Brands?

Most Reliable Automotive Brands

Are you searching for a reliable used vehicle in the Farmington, NM area? If so, AutoMax Truck and Car Center has several excellent options to choose from in its inventory. The best used-vehicles in the inventory tend to come from the most reliable automotive brands in the industry. Let’s take a look at which automotive brands are the most reliable. Read the rest of this entry >>

Exterior view of a silver 2019 Honda Accord driving down a city street

What are the Best Used Mid-Size Sedans on the Market?

Best Used Mid-Size Sedans Available

Are you in the market for a new, quality pre-owned sedan in the Farmington area? If so, then you are in luck! There are several excellent used mid-size sedans available in Farmington that customers will certainly love. However, as great as many of the options available are, three mid-size sedans really stand out from the competition. Those three used mid-size sedans are the Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, and Toyota Camry. Check out each of these excellent mid-size sedan options in the pre-owned vehicle inventory available at AutoMax Truck and Car Center today! Read the rest of this entry >>