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2020 Jeep Gladiator White driving on highway away from city on bridge

Which Truck Brand Should I Pick?

Who doesn’t love pickup trucks? They put you in a commanding position on the road, they have plenty of room for cargo, building materials, heavy equipment, and more. Everyone will always ask you to help them move, but hey, why not show off how powerful your truck is when you get the chance? Not only that, but most trucks of recent years have come to embrace the truck interior as a thing of beauty and have turned high trim levels into the very lap of luxury. Then you have to wonder, which truck brand is right for you? Read more of this entry to find out which one you should pick.

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2020 Ram 1500 white parked in front of farm building on dirt road

What Are the Best-Selling Trucks in 2020?

Most people already know that the best-selling truck for most of the last fifty years has been the Ford F-Series, especially the American icon, the F-150. The first quarter of 2020 doesn’t look different on that point, but in recent years, a few truck makers have shaken up the competition. Read on to learn more about truck trends in the United States in 2020. 

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stock photo of Ford logo on dealership building wall

What Car Companies Does Ford Own?

One of the oldest car companies in the world is the Ford Motor Company. Everything down to its logo is iconic and part of American history and identity. From the early days of the first publicly affordable cars to the most dominant name in pickup trucks for decades, Ford is a major part of the automotive world that can’t be forgotten. Read on to learn about what other companies are or were part of Ford Motor Company. 

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man standing next to truck with tailgate down and driver door open

How Do I Know How Much my Truck can Tow?

Is it time to push your truck to its limit? If you need to know how much your truck can tow, you need to know a few things about the truck in order to look it up. Find out the make and model of the truck, as well as the year to look up the exact number. If your truck is only a year or two old, you can probably find the towing capacity on the manufacturer’s website. Otherwise automotive comparison websites like and have lots of information on almost every truck made in the last two decades.  

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Ford Super Duty F-250 vs Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Ford Super Duty F-250 vs Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Quick comparison of Ford and Chevrolet pickup trucks

What makes a good pickup truck? That depends on what you plan on using it for, but many jobs require power, especially the power to tow or carry large loads. That’s why this quick comparison focuses on power specifications and ratings, although we won’t skip on dimensions either. Check out our quick comparison below to see how the Ford Super Duty F-250 compares to the Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

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blue toyota prius side view

What Pre-Owned Hybrid Vehicle Should I Get?

Top Three Used Hybrid Vehicles

So, you’re on the market for a pre-owned hybrid vehicle. Hybrid vehicles are those that have both electric motors and engines to create power, which means they do not only rely on fossil fuels. They aim to improve the environment and possibly save you some money. Hybrid vehicles may seem fairly new, but they are old enough to frequently be on the pre-owned market. You can check out our inventory of pre-owned hybrid vehicles here.

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2019 Ford F-150 parked at job site

What is the Best Truck for Towing?

Towing Power of Popular Truck Models

There are some real monsters available in the truck market these days. Vehicles that can tackle work or play without pausing for a moment, and offering towing power that boggles the mind. That said, which of these monster work vehicles is the strongest one available for you? That’s what we’re looking to answer today! Continue reading below to find out!
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2019 Ford F-150 parked at job site

What’s the Towing Power of the 2019 Ford F-150?

2019 Ford F-150 Performance Details

There’s no truck quite like the 2019 Ford F-150. It’s one of the strongest and most reliable trucks on the market today and one that doesn’t hold back when it comes to its performance! The new Ford F-150 has enough power to tow just about anything. However, what is its towing capacity and what features allow it to achieve it? That’s what we’ll be exploring today!
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2019 Nissan Versa parked outside

 Best Small Vehicles on the Market Today

What are the Best Small Vehicles on the Market?

There are many great small vehicles available on the market today, each of them offering to deliver amazing fuel economy as well as stand out performance for their size! These vehicles are designed with the city in mind, capable of fitting into even the tightest of parking spaces. However, which of these compacts can be considered the best available? Continue reading to find out!
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Exterior view of three 2019 GMC Sierra pickup trucks parked near a body of water

What are the Most Powerful Full-Size Pickup Truck Models?

Most Powerful Full-Size Pickup Truck Models

Are you in the market for a powerful pre-owned pickup truck in the Farmington, NM area? If so, there are a few excellent options available in the area for you to consider. Customers in the area can find several powerful pre-owned pickup trucks right here at AutoMax Truck and Car Center. Let’s take a look a the most powerful pickup trucks on the market! Read the rest of this entry >>