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Where Can I Buy Truck Accessories in Farmington, NM?

If you are about to buy a truck from Automax truck and car center, you will probably find yourself searching for a few accessories soon enough. Even the best trucks, when brand new don’t always have everything you need. For that reason, we put together this list of some accessories you should plan to buy and a few ideas as to where you can go to buy them.

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How Automax Can Help You at Home During Social Distancing

During uncertain and trying times like the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, we at Automax are dedicated to working both with government agencies and you to make sure we can supply the best used car experience we can give, no matter what. Even when our showroom is closed and we reduce our staff, we still have ways to help you without you needing to leave your home. 

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Researching Cars Online During Social Distancing

Even when there’s a virus outbreak and our showroom closes, you still have access to our website. We at Automax Truck and Car Center are dedicated to providing the best service we can during times of social distancing, quarantines, and stay-at-home orders. Since our website is accessible at any time of day, any day of the week, you are free to visit us through the site and continue shopping and researching. 

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Car Shopping From Home During Social Distancing

Car shopping doesn’t stop just because citizens have been encouraged or even ordered to stay home. Since the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic does not threaten our ability to keep our website live, anyone can visit our site and keep shopping. Even if our customers don’t get the hands-on experience during quarantine, social distancing and self-isolation they are used to getting at Automax Truck and Car Center, we can do the best we can with the internet. 

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Pick an Angel from the Angel Tree for a Gift for a Child This Holiday Season!

Angel Tree Gift Donation at AutoMax Truck and Car Center in Farmington NM

Here at AutoMax Truck and Car Center, we not only take pride in offering high-quality and affordably-priced used vehicles, but we also care about making a positive difference in the Farmington community. The latest example of this is our Angel Tree with gift donations for children.

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