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Car Shopping From Home During Social Distancing

Car shopping doesn’t stop just because citizens have been encouraged or even ordered to stay home. Since the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic does not threaten our ability to keep our website live, anyone can visit our site and keep shopping. Even if our customers don’t get the hands-on experience during quarantine, social distancing and self-isolation they are used to getting at Automax Truck and Car Center, we can do the best we can with the internet. 

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Researching Your Next Car Online

Visiting our website, you will notice a tab near the top of the page that says “Research.” Hover your mouse over this tab to see some of the used vehicle makes you would encounter on our lot. From Ford, General Motors, and the Chrysler Family to Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, and the Kia family, to the Volkswagen family, there is plenty to read up on while you shop from home. Whether you use a web browser on a desktop or laptop computer or scroll on your phone, you can view more than twenty pages on models made by your favorite automakers.

Automax Truck And Car Center COVID-19 Response

View Our Inventory Online

Our inventory couldn’t be easier to view. Hover your mouse over the “Buy” section on the header of any page on our website and view our entire inventory with “View All.Otherwise, there are options to select the following:

  • Cars: Including sedans, hatchbacks, and coupes
  • Trucks: Including midsize, large and heavy/super duty pickups
  • SUVs & Crossovers: From subcompact to extra-large
  • Vans: Including the popular Dodge Grand Caravan

After visiting one of these pages, use the sidebar on the left to refine your search with filters like exterior color, make and model, vehicle year, transmission, body style, fuel type, and so much more.

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Get Advice from a Member of the Staff 

Some of our staff are working from home during the outbreak to make sure you can get help from a real person while you are online. In the lower right corner of most of the pages on our site, you can find a small red and white window with two buttons on it. Select “Text Us” to text a member of the staff. You can also use the “Let’s Chat” button to send messages to a representative through the site. Keep in mind that staff are not available 24/7 during the outbreak or may be busy with other customers. If that happens, try again during business hours.