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Automax COVID-19 Outbreak Response

For the safety of our staff and our customers, Automax Truck and Car Center will be closed until April 11th to help slow the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and limit infections. This complies with the Governor’s executive orderbut it does not mean the dealership is totally closed, as our service department can be opened by appointment. 

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Service Available by Appointment 

To make sure everyone observes social distancing and isolation where possible, the service department is only available for customers who schedule appointments for their service. To set up one of these appointments, call Mark Christensen at 505-215-8889.  

Cleaning at Automax Truck and Car Center 

Our dealership is paying close attention to the virus outbreak situation and is working to keep the facilities clean and sanitary every day we are operational, thanks to increased frequency of cleanings and spending more time to be thorough in our process. Rest assured that when we can open our showroom and other facilities again, they will be clean and hand sanitizer will be available to both customers and staff. 

How to Fight Coronavirus from Home

Securing a Sense of Optimism 

While many panic and lose a sense of certainty due to the unprecedented scale and lifestyle changes the virus outbreak has presented, we at Automax Truck and Center remain committed to meeting your automotive needs in a sensible, healthy way. We are following CDC guidelines and await the opportunity to open our facilities again in the future. 

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How You Can Help Stop COVID-19 

Although the virus has already spread much faster than anyone anticipated, some simple steps can and should be taken by everyone to help slow and eventually stop the virus from spreading. Good handwashing techniques go a long way. Spending 20-30 seconds to wash all over your palms, fingers, nails, and the back of your hands with warm water and glycerine soap is one of the most important ways to stay healthy. Avoid touching your face and stay 6 or more feet away from anyone you don’t live with. If you need to cough and sneeze, do so into your elbow or a tissue where possible.