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3 Tips for First-time Used Car Buyers

First-Time Used Car Buyers in Farmington NM

Purchasing a used vehicle can be a difficult experience, especially for first-time buyers. You don’t want to make a mistake with so much money, and your credit score, on the line. That said, we at AutoMax want to make sure you have a great used car buying experience! To do that we’ve compiled a small list of tips to help you. Continue reading to see what we recommend.

1. Find out What you can Afford

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you never take out a loan with monthly payments that will be over 20 percent of your monthly income. You also want to make sure that you leave some of your income untouched in case you have to do some repairs and maintenance on your vehicle. It’s just a fact of life that used vehicles need repairs from time to time, and so we recommend leaving a bit of wiggle room financially to handle it.

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2. Check the Vehicle History Report

Unless you’re buying your vehicle from a close friend or family member, you should always get a vehicle history report. Your close friends and family can vouch for the vehicle’s history, but agents at a dealership are unknowns. You don’t have a history, or connection, with them, and so trust hasn’t been built between you. That said, we recommend getting the vehicle identification number (VIN) from the dealership and running it through AutoCheck or CarFax to find out the vehicle’s history. This lets you know if it’s been in an accident, had a lot of work done, or other important information.

3. Test Drive the Vehicle

Taking your vehicle for a test drive is one of the best ways to know if it’s the right one for you! You can use the test drive to determine if it fits your needs and to check its condition to see if it might have something wrong that’s not listed. Some things you should keep an eye out for while test driving includes:

  • Can you exit and enter easily?
  • Is there enough room?
  • Is the drive comfortable?
  • Do you notice strange smells or sounds?
  • And more!

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Buying a used vehicle for the first time can be a difficult experience, but our agents at AutoMax are here to help make it easier! These tips are just some of the ways we’re able to help. Contact our agents today to learn more about what we can do to help you get behind the wheel of a great used vehicle!