stock photo of woman calling green car phone breakdown

Emergency Kit Ideas for your Car

Cars break down, it happens, and it is unfortunate. But a car breakdown isn’t the end of the world, especially if you have an emergency kit in your car to help you out in exactly this kind of situation. Not everyone’s emergency kit will include the same things, but there are some things every emergency kit should include. Read on for a few lists and figure out which one is best for your type of car, climate, and needs.

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2020 Jeep Gladiator White driving on highway away from city on bridge

Which Truck Brand Should I Pick?

Who doesn’t love pickup trucks? They put you in a commanding position on the road, they have plenty of room for cargo, building materials, heavy equipment, and more. Everyone will always ask you to help them move, but hey, why not show off how powerful your truck is when you get the chance? Not only that, but most trucks of recent years have come to embrace the truck interior as a thing of beauty and have turned high trim levels into the very lap of luxury. Then you have to wonder, which truck brand is right for you? Read more of this entry to find out which one you should pick.

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2020 Jeep Compass set of three blue white and gray parked on flat in front of sunset

Which Jeep Model Is Right For Me?

Only a few automakers specialize in off-roading vehicles and rugged SUVs, but Jeep is the most famous among them. The name “Jeep” itself reminds drivers of the brand’s long legacy and calls to mind thoughts of daring and adventure. But Jeep has evolved in the many years it has been around, allow itself to adapt to the needs of newer drivers and updated technologies. Read more of this entry for a quick rundown of commonly available models and reasons why you might want to buy it.

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stock photo of woman covering her nose holding steering wheel

How To Get Lingering Odors Out of your Car

Whether you notice yourself or a passenger points it out, it is never pleasant to realize your car smells bad. Whether it is a used car, or even if it has only been used by you, you may find that car odors are some of the hardest to get rid of. There is plenty you can do the mask the smell if you need to cover it up briefly or in an emergency, but it’s never the same as finding the root cause of the smell and eliminating it. Only then will your car really stop smelling. Read more of this entry for advice on how to remove lingering odors from your car.

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stock photo of car audio system with aux cable plugged into port near buttons and knob

Can I Stream Music If I Don’t Have a Newer Car?

Let’s take a few steps through history from the early days of music in cars to now. At first, the inclusion of AM radios changed the way people thought about driving. The ability to listen to something while chugging along the roads of a much younger America was a new experience. Then came FM and higher fidelity music. Fast forward through the ages of cassette tapes and CDs and we get up to using mobile devices. At first, these devices used auxiliary cables and USB connections to play music stored on the device, but now, audio streaming services and wireless connections dominate modern listening while driving. Read more of this entry to find out how cars without newer audio technology can be brought into the future.

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